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About Zagreb

Video “About Zagreb”

About Zagreb
  • Date: 14/05/2012
It s short movie about Croatian capital, Zagreb. Hope you enjoy it...

Tags: Croatia, Zagreb, capital


  • 1337286472
    Bosiljko Đerek
    Bosiljko Đerek
    on 17/05/2012

    Right now, when I read what have I wrote...I just want to visit that country to
    Sometimes we forget where do we live, and there is a lot of beauty places just behind the corner...and we live just once.

  • 1337235508
    Adam Stepinski
    Adam Stepinski
    on 17/05/2012

    Hi Bossi,
    You should consider writing guide books:) I'm sure they would be successful:)

  • 1337197284
    Bosiljko Đerek
    Bosiljko Đerek
    on 16/05/2012

    Croatia, is perfect country for vacation,
    not to big, not to small, not to expensive, not to cheap , not to far...

    Lot of national parks, blue Adriatic see, mountains, lakes and swamps...old cities at the coast, beautiful and friendly people, testy cuisine...

  • 1337019445
    Adam Stepinski
    Adam Stepinski
    on 14/05/2012

    Zagreb seems to be a great place. I wish I would visit it some day:)

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