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Your IT skills,

link this post written on 23/05/2012
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Dear Friends,

Please write a few words about your IT skills here, the ways you use new technologies in your everyday teaching and project work. This will help us a lot:)

Warmest regards, Adam

link this post written on 23/05/2012
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Well, I use IT in most of my classes because being a teacher of a foreign language requires many different online resources from video to podcasts. Besides those resources I use ppt very often and also e-learning. At my school the Internet connection is pretty stables and we have a computer, videoprojector and Internet in every classroom. Additionally I used smart board sometimes. I feel pretty comfortable using IT in the classroom.
link this post written on 23/05/2012
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I am a teacher of Classics, but it doesn't mean that I don't use IT in my classes. In fact, I am developing different approach to Latin & Ancient Greek from an oral point using new technologies. In this way, I like recording podcasts and videos,and I know a bit of image edition. I've also worked with web 2.0 tools (wikis, blogs, and so on) but my experience with e-learning is poor



link this post written on 23/05/2012
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Well, I do use often diferent web tools, like to explore possibilitis and new way of using software..

Like cloud computing, allways using google sites, docs...

Have use Windows and diferent Linux distros, recently have use Microsoft Live Meeting, and at the end of  May will orginize webinar...so find my self expirienced, but not enough...  

link this post written on 26/05/2012
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Hi all of you,

I'm physics and chemistry teacher in Zaragoza, Spain since 1990. ITC coordinator in my school for 6 years and ITC in-service teachers trainning adviser (ITC and science) for two years.

Now, since 2009 I'm mainly concerned with science education leading a regional programme called Ciencia Viva.

Blogger, Joomla! administrator, Moodle teacher, itc applied for science trainer, e-learning tutor... and now I have a new handicap; some weeks ago, smart  whitboard appeared in my classroom and I have to learn how to work with.

My new professional adventure has to do with remote controlled labs. Fortunately my school is given a small RCL and I plan to cooperate with European schools.

That's all for now, this hot Spanish Saturday afternoon


link this post written on 28/05/2012
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Hi you all!


I use ICT a lot in my teaching. I work with the students with spesific learning difficulties, mostly related to maths and language.I have done several eTwinning projects and within those projects we have used various kinds of diffreent applications. However I think that ICT is area where you cant ever know everything. I all the workshops I have allways learnt something new. It is also interresting to see how colleagues use same tools. In ICT I like the idea that only limit is your imagination. Looking forward to meeting you all ! We have this week work but then we have long summer holiday. 

link this post written on 09/07/2012
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Hello everyone:

Sorry for my delay in answer to this question.

So, I’m Biology and Geology teacher in a secondary school. At my school all classrooms have a computer, a video projector and connection to the Internet.

I use a lot the ICT. Sometimes I use ICT only to present some subjects but another time I use with my students different web tools. I have done several eTwinning and Comenius projects and I used, for example, google docs, voki, wordle, prezi, wordpress, ... I use the Moodle to support my classes during the school year. I use sites to publish and share documents: slideshare, issuu, ...

I like explore new tools and use them with students. I’m very enthusiastic with this course and I hope learn new things.

See you soon

link this post written on 13/07/2012
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Hello to everyone and sorry for the delay...

I am teaching Technologies and Information Technology, so I use the IT tools very often. These are some tools I use:

- WEB 2.0. As a part of it, my pupils of Information Technology work on several tools.

- Blogs. They prepare a personal blog and learn how to upload videos, photos, how to put a music player on it, how to personalize it. We use mainly blogger.

- Wiki. The whole class collaborates to do a wiki in which each pupil prepares and article and uploads it. We work on www.wikispaces.org. I hereby include my wiki informaticasabinamora.wikispaces.org, related to the Information Technology.

- Google docs. This is a very powerful tool, that allows my pupils do their tasks online (they can create text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.) They create a document and share it with the teacher (me). I can check online every day the work they do. 

- Google calendar. This web 2.0 tool allows me to generate events and share them with my pupils. I fix the limit dates for the tasks using Google Calendar, avoiding any misunderstanding.

- PRESENTATIONS. I use powerpoint but I use more and more a new tool called prezi, that allows you to create dinamic presentations online. It is not the typical powerpoint, it is a little bit more dinamic and easy to use. Click on the next link to view a presentation I did this course to speak about our project Comenius and about the etwinning platform http://prezi.com/m5wd-zi8fnvy/present/?auth_key=ji7z46s&follow=hty10jewdhex

- ETWINNING. Web platform that allows you to get in touch with teachers all around Europe. We are using it for our Comenius project about the Mediterranean Diet "Nosotros apostamos por la dieta mediterránea, ¿y tú?" 

- VIDEO EDITION. An example of the presentation video of our school for our partners of the Comenius project. You can click on the next link (perhaps you'll be able to find me in the video..) http://www.youtube.com/watch . You can see the complete video on this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjKnQasCKnY. 

- PDI SOFTWARE. We use the software Interwrite Workspace with our Interactive Whiteboards. The interactive whiteboars allows us to do a more dinamic class. The software allows to create activities, to do videotutorials and a lot of possibilities.

- LINUX. As operating system we use Windows but also Linux. Linux is has a lot of educative software, all of it free of course.

I hope to meet you all on Sunday, I'm sure this experience will be very positive.

With best regards,

Fernando Vera




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